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About the artist

“Growing up in Rhode Island makes me feel like New England lives in my bones…but the mountains of Asheville, NC feels more like home. Although I wanted to attend art school it was not supported by those who felt it would not be a way to financial freedom. I believed them. So I took as many art classes as I could in various places. “Just for fun”

I attended the Rhode Island School of Photography and then owned and operated a successful photography studio for thirteen years..

In 2006 I was called back to the canvas. I had missed the visceral, organic and relational feel of painting. I put the camera down professionally and busted out the paint and canvas!”

By 2011 Jeanne’s career blasted off and she was featured on the cover of top 50 “Artist to Watch” by Art Business News Magazine.

Jeanne considers herself an outsider artist (non art schooled) who got in the “inside club” (highly successful gallery represented artist club). At one point Jeanne’s work was represented internationally by over 20 galleries with private and public collections from the U.S to New Zealand and has sold over 500 paintings worldwide. Jeanne’s career was on fire and everyone was happy until she wasn’t.

Galleries wanted consistent recognizable work to keep selling the same work and Jeanne was allergic to the concept of not growing. She believes in expanding as an artist, knowing her client and connecting with them on a deeper level is important.

So, in 2017 Jeanne left the “cool club” for a cooler club and a more authentic way of creating for people...and pulled her work from all the galleries for a 2 year sabbatical and to recalibrate as an artist.

In the end...the new work is a much more expanded view from my windows...it’s soulful and connected in a deeper way than ever before...
— Jeanne Bessette


I was born with a crayon in my hand...it all went to hell from there.
— Jeanne Bessette

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Previous gallery representation cities/Solo/Group Exhibition Cities

Asheville, NC - Boston, MA - Charlotte, NC - Chicago, IL - Dallas, TX - Denver, CO - Lennox, MA - Miami, FL Newberry, NC - New Hope, PA - New York, NY - Pinehurst, NC - Raleigh, NC - Rochester, NY - Sante Fe, NM - Sarasota, FL - Toronto, ON


• 2012-2016 Monthly workshops in Raleigh, NC

• 2017 2018 2019 Sedona Art Center

• 2016 Mendocino, CA

• 2016 2017 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

• 2016 British Columbia

Collected worldwide

• Australia

• Brazil

• Canada

• England

• Great Britain

• Mexico

• New Zealand